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The Teachings of Dora Kalff: Sandplay
Barbara A. Turner, PhD
97809728517 - Cover 4X5 300dpi
The Teachings of Dora Kalff: Sandplay

In this beautiful, full-color volume, sandplay therapist, Barbara Turner, PhD, has recorded Dora Kalff’s teachings, transcribed from the shorthand notes she made during the original lectures. Although not as complete as would be audio recordings, the reader can clearly “hear” Mrs. Kalff’s voice in her words.

Sandplay and Storytelling: The Impact of Imaginative Thinking on Children`s Learning and Development

Barbara A. Turner, PhD &
Kristín Unnsteinsdóttir, PhD

Cover -300dpi 924x1300

In this ground-breaking work, sandplay psychotherapist, Barbara Turner, PhD, partners with Learning Specialist, Kristín Unnsteinsdóttir, PhD, to explore how engaging children in Jungian sandplay therapy and imaginative story telling works to improve classroom performance and to increase intelligence scores. These child specialists make a solid argument for the necessary consideration of the unconscious and the inner world of the individual child in learning. They advocate that curriculum design for children must include imaginative therapeutic play and active attention to children’s emotional needs. This is a very readable book for educators, psychotherapists and concerned parents, alike.
The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy -Barbara A. Turner, PhD
Handbook Cover -795x1200 pixils 300dpi

The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy comprehensively explains and illustrates the theory, process and procedures of Jungian sandplay therapy. Developed as an in-depth text and reference work, The Handbook examines sandplay from psychological, mythological, and neurobiological paradigms in order to cultivate understanding of how sandplay brings about change in child and adult patients.

Sandplay: A Psychotherapeutic  Approach to the Psyche    Dora M. Kalff

Cover Kalff

This seminal text offers clinicians and students a foundational account of the workings and practice of sandplay. Through simple but elegant narratives of actual casework, Kalff articulates her theoretical understanding of how sandplay therapy heals and transforms the psyche. Dr. Martin Kalff, the author’s son, provides a new introduction in which he shares original historical material about his mother and her development of the sandplay therapy method. A comprehensive index and tables of illustrations and references are included for ease of study and understanding.

Images of the Self: The Sandplay Therapy Process
Estelle L.Weinrib

Cover - Images of the Self

Formerly out of print and unavailable for almost 20 years, this book has remained the foundational text on sandplay psychotherapeutic theory. The theoretical mechanics of how sandplay works to heal and transform the psyche are articulated and applied to a complete sandplay case. This updated edition includes two new chapters, comprising two prominent papers by Estelle Weinrib. The Index has been greatly expanded to aid in study and research. Line drawings depicting the sand tray content have been added to facilitate understanding the original sandplay photographs.

H.G. Wells` Floor Games: A Father`s Account of
Play and Its Legacy of Healing                   H.G. Wells


The delightful story of creative play with miniature figures and magical worlds on the nursery floor is brought back to life in this reprint of a historical work. Written for his sons in 1911, Wells’ story immerses the reader in a tale where possibilities are the given and surprises the fact. Floor Games has since been used as a teaching tool for psychotherapists now widely used to understand children`s methods of thinking.

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