Course 203 – Information

 Introduction to Sandplay Therapy
Overview of Process and Procedures – Part 3 \

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About this Course
This course concludes the three-part overview of Sandplay process and procedures with Estelle L. Weinrib’s application of Jungian theory to Sandplay case material.

This is a read and test course.

Course Objectives

  1. Using Jungian terminology, develop an understanding of how early developmental wounding impairs growth and how Sandplay therapy creates the conditions to repair these wounds and resume healthy growth.
  2. Introduce and explore the roles of masculine and feminine energies in the psyches health and functioning. Examine the role of feminine and masculine energies in play.
  3. Identify and track the processes healing and development in Sandplay casework.
  4. Explore the transference dynamic in the Sandplay process, distinguishing it from transference in the verbal therapy.
  5. Introduce the concept of the synchronistic qualities of Jungian Sandplay and explore its role in healing and transformation.
  6. Delve deeper into the elements of Jungian personality theory.
  7. Identify and explore the fundamental concepts of the process of Sandplay therapy and how it appears in the sand tray.
  8. Introduce the concept of the transpersonal realm of consciousness and its role in Sandplay.

Learning Goals
After taking this course the student will (be able to )

  1. Using Jungian personality theory, articulate how early psychic wounding occurs, the impact it has on development, and how Sandplay functions to heal these injuries.
  2. Have a working understanding of the differences and functions of masculine and feminine energies in psychic growth and development.
  3. Have a grasp of the dimension of play in relationship to masculine and feminine psychic energies.
  4. Be able to follow and describe the healing and growth of the clients through the Sandplay symbols in the case work Illustrations provided.
  5. Articulate the nature of a synchronistic event and its operation in the Sandplay process.
  6. Have an understanding of what is meant by the transpersonal realm and how this dimension of existence is accessed in Sandplay therapy.
  7. Have an understanding of how Sandplay therapy functions as an active psychic process and understand the characteristic phases of this process.

CE or Training Hours:      7
Reading:                                70 pages
Quiz :                                    125 questions
Enrollment Fee:             $59.00
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