Course 304-Information

Jungian Theory in Sandplay Therapy – Part 4
Symbol Formation and the Transcendent Function

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All of the reading for Course 304 is contained in the online lessons. The Sandplay case vignettes that illustrate the concepts are also in this reading. The course is in three parts.

For your convenience, the Quiz questions for 304 – Part 2 are written into the text. You may download them from the link in Part 2. As before, once you have completed your answers, you will write them in a Word document and email to Dr. Turner for review.

For 304 – Parts 1 & 3, there is also a 25 question Quiz, which you will want to print out and use as a study guide.

About this course
This course concludes the four-part series on Jungian theory in Sandplay therapy. This class focuses on the dynamics of symbol formation and the transcendent function in healing and transformation. Sandplay case material is explored using these concepts as a tool for understanding and coming into relationship with the psyche’s movements as it grows and changes. 

Learning Objectives

  1. To define the dynamics “symbol formation,” and the “transcendent function” from the personality theory of Carl G. Jung.
  2. To examine the functions of these dynamics of Jungian theory in psychic healing and transformation.
  3. To explore Sandplay case material, using these psychic dynamics from Jungian theory as a framework for mapping the psychological changes undergone by the client in Sandplay work.
  4. To provide the therapist with a tool for entering a more conscious relationship with the largely unconscious Sandplay material.

Learning Goals
After taking this class, the learner will be able to…

  1. Articulate the psychic dynamics of symbol formation and the transcendent function from Carl G. Jungs personality theory.
  2. Have a working understanding of these dynamics of personality in the changes undergone by the psyche in processes of healing and transformation.
  3. Work with Sandplay case material using these terms from Jungian theory as a framework for better comprehending the process.
  4. Recognize the value of and utilize Jungian theory as one means of working with sandplay.

Reading ~ 16 pages
Online Lessons ~ 59 pages
Sandplay ~ Vignettes 3       Sand Trays ~ 12
Tests ~  25 Essay Questions  &  25 True/False Questions
15  Continuing Education Hours
$115.00  Enrollment Fee

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