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Barbara A. Turner, PhD
Barbara A. Turner, PhD
Barbara Turner is the author of what is considered by some to be the authoritative text on Jungian sandplay, The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy. She teaches sandplay therapy to mental health clinicians internationally, and serves as consultant to practicing sandplay & play therapists.
Course 202

About this course


 Introduction to Sandplay Therapy: Overview of Process and Procedures - Part 2 


This is the second course in a series of three, introducing the Jungian sandplay therapy method. This course provides an overview of the theory and process of sandplay through the work of Estelle L. Weinrib.

This is a read and test course

Course Objectives

  1. Look at the necessary sandplay tools and equipment in greater depth.
  2. Describe the procedures of the therapist during the sandplay session.
  3. Explore the healing properties of the sand and images in sandplay.
  4. Define the fundamental functions of the psychic structure described by Jung and their roles in sandplay.
  5. Introduce the concept and importance of the non-interpretive nature of Jungian sandplay.
  6. Discuss the concept and role of the feminine components of the psyche.
  7. Examine the inherent relationship of play and the matriarchal levels of the psyche.
  8. Compare the differences between sandplay and the verbal components of therapy.
  9. Study the concept of the free and protected space in Jungian sandplay.
  10. Examine how the three-dimensional nature of sandplay elicits psychic growth and healing.


Learning Goals

After taking this course the student will be able to...

  1. Describe the contents and equipment of a Jungian sandplay room.
  2. Have a fundamental understanding of the importance of good sandplay records.
  3. Have a fundamental grasp of how doing sandplay promotes healing and growth, using terms from Jungian personality theory.
  4. Better understand how not interpreting the sandplay facilitates the clients healing.
  5. Have a basic concept of how Jungian sandplay accesses the matriarchal levels of the psyche, and why that it significant in psychotherapy.
  6. Have an understanding of how sandplay and verbal therapy work together to strengthen the therapeutic setting.
  7. Have a foundational understanding of how play is inherent to the early phases of psychic development.
  8. Have a working grasp of the concept of the free and protected space and its role in healing.
  9. Have a basic grasp of how the three-dimensional aspect of sandplay therapy facilitates healing and growth


CE Hours or Training Hours 7

Reading: Images of the Self: The Sandplay Therapy Process - Weinrib...pages 11-34

Test: 150 question

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Course Structure

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  • Course 202 - Evaluation