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Dr. Turner has recently returned from Santiago Chile, where she made an introductory presentation of Dr. Unsteinsdóttir’s Sandtray Play in Education to a congress of 700 educatorsSandtray Play is an adaptation of the sand tray and figures as a creative play modality used in special education settings that has demonstrated dramatic effect on children’s learning skills and school adjustment. Unlike Sandplay, Sandtray Play is not intended to be a therapeutic modality any more than any healthy child’s play is beneficial to the child. Drs. Turner & Unnsteinsdóttir argue that a healthy relationship to play and the unconscious is a crucial aspect of children’s learning. Long dismissed by nearly all contemporary approaches to pedagogy, it is our hope to train teachers in this methodology and reawaken these vital aspect of children’s learning. The AST is pleased to sponsor this valuable methodology and will be providing 2-day teacher training programs, followed by supervision for Certification in Sandtray Play. We anticipate the program will launch in 2016 and eagerly await Drs. Unnsteindóttir & Turner’s companion training book, Sandtray Play in Education: A Teacher’s Guide.

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Dr. Barbara Turner is currently involved in a training program in Hawaii to train 24 therapists in Sandplay Therapy in order that they might serve the disenfranchised Native Hawaiian children throughout the islands. Through a generous grant and the cooperation of the Association for Sandplay Therapy, the therapists will receive all training, supervision and process experience necessary to become Registered Sandplay Therapists – STR! This is a truly innovative program that will reach deeply into the  needy communities of Hawaii, providing hope and healing to hundreds of deserving children.

Hui Pa'ani OneFrom our wonderful group of Hawaiian Sandplayers
Called  “Hui Pa’ani One”
Those Who Gather Together to Play in Sand

East Coast Training Program – USA

Our new East Coast Training program begins next September 2016 in Westfield, Massachusetts. We are delighted to have this in the works for the many of you who have asked for Sandplay trainings on the East Coast.

The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy is now translated into Korean, Italian, Chinese & Russian – Chinese and Russian released later this year

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