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Video Course 4 – First Trays & Therapist Procedures


Video Course 4

First Trays in Sandplay Process & The Therapist’s Procedures
Course Film                21 min
Quiz                 50 Questions
Tuition Fee                      $59
Training Hours                   5

In this video Dr. Turner examines the first trays in the process of several clinical cases and demonstrates how the first tray often carries the issues that the client’s psyche will address in the work ahead; the psychic assets he or she has to support that work; and the direction of the healing.

The discussion then turns to the procedures the sandplay therapist undergoes in facilitating the client’s work in the sand. Among other things this includes how to introduce clients to sandplay, how to conduct the session and how to keep records of the construction of the sand tray.

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Course Film                    21 min
Quiz                      50 Questions
Tuition Fee                             $59
Training Hours                          5