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Video Course 7
The Sandplay Case of Aaron

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In this course, Dr. Turner reviews the full Sandplay case of a 9 year-old boy. She explains the phases of the psyche’s healing and development process in what is referred to as a Sandplay process. Dr. Turner shows how the psyche provides the issues being addressed in the client’s process and what psychological strengths the client has to undergo the work. She demonstrates how the Sandplay work descends to the depths of the unconscious to confront obstacles, or limitations to the individual’s continued development; accesses new psychic resources; centers them in the Self, the central archetype of the personality; and returns to a more conscious level, where the new material will be integrated into conscious over time.

Learning Goals:

1.   To learn how work in Sandplay is a process of development over a series of trays

2.   To recognize how the issues and strengths provided in Tray 1 are symbolically explored and addressed over the course of a series of trays.

3. To understand that in Sandplay, confronting obstacles is necessary prior to the development of new psychological capacities.

4. To grasp the significance of the Self, as the central point that anchors all psychological activity in meaning and purpose.

5. To understand the multi-valent qualities of symbols and how they carry psychic energies needed for healing and development

6. To recognize how the psychological process is completed in Sandplay by a return to a more conscious level of functioning

By taking this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Explain how Sandplay is not an artifact of the psyche, but how the psyche moves in the process of constructing the trays and over the course of several trays
  2. Describe how the client’s psychological issues and strengths appear in Tray 1 and are addressed over the course of the process
  3. Recognize the phases of the healing and development process undergone in Sandplay
  4. Grasp how the center of the psyche, which Jung called the self, brings order out of chaos and results in meaning and purpose
  5. Realize that symbols do not simply mean something, rather how they carry psychic energies of a particular quality
  6. Explain the phases of a Sandplay process and how we know when a Sandplay process is completed

Film                     65   min
Quiz      106 Questions
Tuition Fee               $89
Training  Hours             9
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