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First Trays and Therapist Procedures
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In this course, Dr. Turner examines the significance of the first tray in the Sandplay process.

Learning Goals

  1. To learn how the presenting issues and the direction of the client’s healing and/or transformation is contained in Tray 1.
  2. To assess the client’s inner resources for undergoing the psychic journey presented in Tray 1.
  3. To recognize the relative strength of the ego in relationship to the Self by examining the relationships between figures in Tray 1.
  4. To grasp the difference between the client’s conscious experience of the tray and the unconscious process articulated in Tray 1.
  5. To recognize the significance of the symbolic material on the diagonals in the tray.

By taking this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Explain how the direction of the client’s psychotherapeutic work is present in Tray 1
  2. Describe some ways of recognizing the psychological strength and readiness to do the work laid out in Tray 1
  3. Recognize how the relationships between the symbolic figures in the tray indicate the client’s relative ego strength
  4. Apprehend the distinct difference between the client’s conscious and unconscious experiences in the tray
  5. Appreciate the significance of symbolic materials on the diagonals in Tray and how they often carry the essence of the client’s issues and/or psychological strengths to undergo the journey
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Course Film             21 min
Quiz               50 Questions
Tuition Fee                      $59
Training Hours                   5
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