CoursePress Issues – “You are not enrolled in this course”

I come from several years using a Moodle format and am having some problems with CoursePress. Many students received the message (above) ‘you are not enrolled…’ We make sure they follow all of the steps: register with site, log into site account, go to course, enter pw, now enrolled.

They say they still get the message.  I’m not sure if this is really happening, or if they are skipping steps. There does not seem to be a way to track this on the site.

I would like to “login as a student” to see where they are running into trouble, as their reports are not often too clear. Where do we do this?

Is the solution to manually enroll all new students?

Also, I would suggest some modifications to the ‘search student’ feature to allow us to search by a first name, last name or email address. If we do not enter it just as they have, we cannot find them.

Also, where might I track student logs of activity? I don’t see this in the Workbook.

I’d really appreciate some help with this, as it is costing me  a lot of money in wasted administration hours.

Thanks a bunch,