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General Instructions – Read & Study Courses

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The online curriculum provides a solid footing in the foundations and theory of Jungian Sandplay therapy. The 100 and 200 series courses draw from the classic writings of HG Wells, Dora Kalff and Estelle Weinrib. The 300 series courses concern Jungian personality theory and its application toSandplay therapy. The online courses do not substitute for in-person learning, but experience has shown that having taken these courses greatly strengthens the participant’s understanding in the face-to-face learning environment.

Years of experience have proven that this series of courses gives the learner a solid grasp of the foundational concepts of the theoretical underpinnings of Jungian Sandplay work. Dr. Turner highly recommends that serious students of Sandplay undertake this series of courses in addition to their other studies in Sandplay.

We have two types of courses – read and study and video. The read and study courses are completed at the learner’s own pace, without time limits.  The books are not included in the tuition fees and are purchased separately from any major book seller.

The Quizzes are designed as learning tools. Always print your quiz first to help guide you through the material.

Books required for the courses:

  • Dora Kalff’s Sandplay
  • Estelle Weinrib’s Images of the Self
  • H.G. Wells’ Floor Games
  • Barbara Turner’s Handbook of Sandplay Therapy

As Sandplay therapists, these are books that you will need in your library.

In each course, once you have completed the reading and have submitted your quiz, please complete an Evaluation Form.  These are required by our accrediting agencies.

Evaluation Form
Copy Access Code: 904-890-929

It is suggested that you start at the beginning with Course 101 and proceed sequentially through the series. If you have any questions at any time, be sure to contact us at:
We want this to be a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience!

To Access your Online Courses

1.   Come to this website
2.   Create your Student User Account or Login – See right column for link
3.   Click Tab “Online Courses”

4.   Scroll down to your course and click
5.   The first visit you are also asked to create your own “account” so you can keep track of your classes. They call this your “Dashboard.”
6.   You will be asked to enter the course  password. Passwords are found on your email receipt for paying course tuition fees.
7.   Explore all of the sections.
8.   Print out your Quiz to use as a study tool. (Select the Quiz,
Copy and Paste into a Word Document)
10.   Do your reading, etc.
11.   When you are ready, enter your answers on the online Quiz.
12.   Click “Submit.”
13.   Then complete the Evaluation Form. (See top of “Online courses” tab)

If you should ever need help, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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