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In-Person Core Training  in Jungian Sandplay
General Information

Please Note: Training in Sandplay therapy is for licensed mental health clinicians, or graduate students on a licensing path. If your region does not require licensing, we rely upon your regional standards for qualifying as a mental health clinician.

Core Training in Sandplay Therapy – What it is
Sandplay therapy is a powerful play therapy modality that requires extensive training and experience to practice well.  The Association for Sandplay Therapy has adopted Dr. Turner’s Sandplay training curriculum for its core requirements to Register as a Sandplay Therapist – STR.  Unlike many Sandplay trainings or workshops, this training is a transformative learning program, designed so participants transform as human beings as they learn.  Please see “About Sandplay” to better understand how Sandplay functions as a powerful play therapy modality.
Rather than gathering bits and pieces of information at workshops and being left to make sense of them independently, this course starts at the beginning with the assumption that we know nothing about Sandplay and how play therapy functions to effect neuropsychological change.  The course builds a base of understanding in a carefully designed, step-by-step manner.  In addition, unlike other play therapy methods, Sandplay training entails a great deal of exploration and study of how the modality works to change the child or adult’s psyche, symptoms and life adjustment, using Jungian psychology.  In the Core Training Program, participants are analyzing Sandplay case material on their own by Day 4.  
Therapists finish this program commenting that they really understand what Sandplay is and how it works to change the psyche.  They have a profound understanding of the significance of their role and responsibilities as therapists in the Sandplay process.  Moreover, they are more aligned with the Self and are committed to working with loving kindness, clarity and humility in Sandplay.

These courses are intended for licensed psychologists and mental health clinicians, graduate and post graduate students of psychology or mental health on a clinical licensing track.

Course Entrance by Application

Live courses are held in Dr. Turner’s home in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Class sizes are small, creating an intimate study experience with emphasis on the clinician’s personal learning. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements & costs. Shuttle service is provided to and from the hotel.

See our page for Information on: Travel & Accommodations


Our Courses
Association for Sandplay Therapy
Certified Core Training in Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay I –  Introduction & Foundations
10 Days   –  60 hrs
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Historic Hot Springs, Arkansas

  • Introduction to Sandplay Therapy – 20 hours
  • Symbols in Sandplay – 6.5 hrs
  • Tracking the Process of Psychic Change in Sandplay – 6.5 hrs
  • Sandplay With Children & Adults; integrating Sandplay in to the play therapy practice – 13 hrs
  • In-Depth Sandplay Case Study: Application of Principles Theory to Participant Case Work – 14 hrs

Learning Objectives

  1. To explore what the play therapy modality of Sandplay is and is not
  2. To ascertain the differences between the play therapy modality of Sandplay and verbal therapies
  3. To examine how the clients’  sand trays reveal the psychological change process in the play therapy modality of Sandplay
  4. To discover how to track the clients’ change process through a series of trays in the play therapy modality of Sandplay
  5. To explore the complexities involved in using the play therapy modality of Sandplay with children
  6. To examine how the parents, or caregivers influence the child’s work in the play therapy modality of Sandplay
  7. To develop understanding of how to work with adults in the play therapy modality of Sandplay
  8. To discover how to bring the play therapy modality of Sandplay into the play therapy practice
  9. To experience the play therapy modality of Sandplay as both client and therapist
Sandplay II –  Advanced Training
10 Days – 60 Hours
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Please Note:  Prerequisite for Sandplay II is Sandplay I or the Equivalent

  • Jungian Personality Theory in Sandplay – 6.5 hrs
  • Understanding Sandplay Process – 19  hrs
  • Neurobiology of Sandplay – 6.5 hrs
  • Developmental Considerations in Sandplay Process – 6.5
  • Play Therapy Tools Preparing Developmentally Delayed Clients for Sandplay – 6.5 
  • In-Depth Sandplay Case Study: Application of Principles & Theory to Participant Case Work – 15 hrs

Learning Objectives

  1. To explore the elements and dynamics of the personality theory of C.G. Jung and how they appear in the play therapy modality of Sandplay
  2. To develop greater capacity for understanding the play therapy modality of Sandplay and what transpires in the clients’ trays
  3. To examine the neurological aspects of the human interface in the play therapy modality of Sandplay and how doing Sandplay works to change the brain
  4. To explore how developmental differences appear in the play therapy modality of Sandplay, developing the capacity to determine the psychological age of the clients’ sand trays
  5. To explore means of working with developmentally delayed children for working in the sand tray in the play therapy modality of Sandplay
  6. To apply the material studied to the analysis of case work from the participants’ practices in the play therapy modality of Sandplay


Please Note: Trainings require a minimum of twelve participants

Tuition Payments

Payment Options

Sandplay I  or Sandplay II
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Payment Options
1. Single Payment of – $1,650

     includes non-refundable deposit of $200

2. Deposit at acceptance $200
     $1,450 balance due 4 months before start of training


3.  Non-refundable deposit of $450 due at acceptance to training

Followed by three – 3 – Installment Payments – US   Total  =  $1,800
$450.00 due 7 months from training
$450.00 due 5 months from start of training
$450.00 due 3 months from start of training

Please note:  In order to hold your place in the training, you must make your tuition payment deposit. See  Payments Page

Cancellation Policy

Classes cancelled up to and including 90 days prior to scheduled date are charged the deposit fee + 10% administration fee. 89 – 65 days prior = 25% of course fee; 64 – 30 days prior = 50% of course fee; 29 -15 days prior = 75% of course fee; 14 days or fewer prior =  no refunds – 75% admin fee – 25% of course fee goes to course credit for 2 years from date of original course.

We cannot be responsible for cancelled flight charges in the event a training must be cancelled.

Continuing Education & Professional Training Hours

Barbara Turner, PhD, is approved to offer Certified Barbara A. Turner, PhD is approved to offer continuing education hours and/or training hours by the Association for Play Therapy – APT Approved Provider No. 00-079 and maintains responsibility for the program.

Remember . . . Always check with your licensing and accrediting boards.

Certified Sandplay Training