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Barbara A. Turner, PhD
Barbara A. Turner, PhD
Barbara Turner is the author of what is considered by some to be the authoritative text on Jungian sandplay, The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy. She teaches sandplay therapy to mental health clinicians internationally, and serves as consultant to practicing sandplay & play therapists.
Course 101

About this course

The History and Development of Sandplay Therapy  Part I

This course begins at the roots of sandplay with H.G. Wells' book Floor Games, written in 1918, the inspiration for Margaret Lowenfeld's World Technique, and later, Jungian Sandplay Therapy. This course explores the essential role of play in therapeutic development and change, and the relationship between the creation of miniature worlds, the imagination and personal growth.

This is a Self-Paced, Read and Test Course

CE/Training Hours:         6
Reading:                       87 Pages
Test:                                          45 Questions
Enrollment Fee:                $49.00
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The History and Development of Sandplay Therapy - Part  1

This course returns us to the roots of Jungian sandplay therapy in Margaret Lowenfeld's early twentieth century innovations in the field of child psychotherapy. We explore the core value of play in development and therapeutic change through the reading H.G. Wells' book, Floor Games, the original text that inspired Lowenfeld's World Technique, and subsequently Dora Kalff's application of miniature worlds in Jungian child treatment. In this course we investigate the function of miniature worlds in creative stimulation and growth.

Learning Objectives

  1. Read the original text that inspired the development of Lowenfelds World Technique and, subsequently, Jungian sandplay therapy.
  2. Explore the value of play as understood by the highly creative writer and social theorist, H.G. Wells.
  3. Develop a deepened appreciation for play in everyday life, and in healing and growth.
  4. Examine the relationship between building miniature worlds, stimulating the imagination and releasing creative energies.


Learning Goals

After taking this class the student will (be able to)

  1. Have a deeper understanding of the essential therapeutic values of play.
  2. Articulate the basic material and setting requirements needed for play.
  3. Understand how and why elaborate toys may limit imagination.
  4. Have a sound grasp of how the creation of miniature worlds stimulates creative growth and development.



CE Hours: 6
Reading: H.G. Wells Floor Games: A Father's Account of Play and Its Legacy of Healing - Ed. Turner...pages 1-87

Test: 45 questions
Enrollment Fee:    $49.00 

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Course Structure

  • Course 101 - Reading
  • Course 101 - Quiz
  • Course 101 - Evaluation