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Demonstration Class
About Jungian Sandplay Therapy  –  Free mini Course
1 hr      Free
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Introductory Courses
Course 101 – The History and Development of    Sandplay   Therapy
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– Part 1       6 hrs  $49

Course 102 – The History and Development of Sandplay Therapy
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Part 2       8 hrs  $60

Intermediate Courses
Course 201 – Introduction to Sandplay Therapy:  Overview of Process &   Procedures
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Part 1       6 hrs  $49

Course 202 – Introduction to Sandplay Therapy: Overview Process & Procedures
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Part 2       7 hrs  $59

Course 203 – Introduction to Sandplay Therapy:  Overview of Process & Procedures
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Part 3         7 hrs  $59

Advanced Courses

Course 301
Jungian Theory in Sandplay Therapy: The Unconscious, Consciousness & the Ego – Self Relationship
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10 hrs  $89
Course 301 – Part 1 Consciousness, the Unconscious, Ego & Self
Course 301- Part 2 – Lenae Case Vignette
Course 301 – Part 3 – Aaron Case Vignette
Course 301 – Part 4 – Rosa & Tara Case Vignette

Course 302 – Jungian Theory in Sandplay Therapy
The Four Functions,  Persona, Shadow & Archetypes
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10 hrs    $89
Course 302 – The Persona, Shadow and Archetypes in Sandplay
Part 1 – Instructions & Lecture Material
Part 2 – Norman Case Vignette

Course 303 Jungian Theory in Sandplay Therapy:
Individuation, Differentiation, Compensation &  Adaptation
Course Information
15 hrs   $115

Part 1 Individuation, Differentiation, Compensation &  Adaptation
Part 2Analysis of the Sandplay Case
Part 3 – The Sandplay Case of Aaron

Course 304 –  Jungian Theory in Sandplay Therapy – Part 4
                              Symbol Formation and the Transcendent Function
Course Information
15 hrs       $115
Part 1:   Symbol Formation & the Transcendent Function
Part 2:   What Symbols Are & What Symbols Are Not
Part 3:    
Observing Attitude and the Role of the Therapist

 Video Courses 

Below you will find the course descriptions, names, length of films, quiz questions, training units offered and course tuition fee. Click on the Tuition Fee to go to the enrollment page.

When you pay your tuition fee, you will receive a link to the film. The film link is live for two hours, during which you may watch the film as many times as you wish.

Note: Credentialing information has been updated since films were made: instead of ‘Certified Sandplay Therapist-Teacher,’ it should now read:
Registered Sandplay Therapist – Consulting Teacher
See Training and Continuing Education hours for full details

 Video Course 1-3    Introduction to Sandplay Therapy
20 min
Quiz      51 Questions
Course Information
5 hrs    Tuition $59

Dr. Turner introduces the Sandplay film courses and provides some guidance on how to best approach the study of Sandplay.

In this film, Dr. Turner examine what Sandplay therapy actually is and what this method does in the clinical setting. The discussion continues to a review of the differences between the non-verbal, image-based nature of Sandplay and traditional verbal therapies.

In this film, Dr. Turner reviews the significance of the various elements involved in Sandplay work. This includes the size of the tray and the meaningful presence of the sand and water in the process. The contents of the Sandplay collection are also reviewed.

Video Course 4   – First Trays in Sandplay Process &  the Therapist’s Procedures
21 min
Quiz      50 Questions
Course Information
5 hrs    Tuition        $59

In this video Dr. Turner examines the first trays in the process of several clinical cases and demonstrates how the first tray often carries the issues that the client’s psyche will address in the work ahead; the psychic assets he or she has to support that work; and the direction of the healing.

The discussion then turns to the procedures the Sandplay therapist undergoes in facilitating the client’s work in the sand. Among other things this includes how to introduce clients to Sandplay, how to conduct the session and how to keep records of the construction of the sand tray.

Video Course 5    The Sandplay Case of Juan
Quiz      45 Questions
5 hrs    Tuition     $59
Course Information

In this case presentation Dr. Turner discusses the work of a young immigrant boy who did remarkable work in the sand in nearly total silence.

Video Course 6        The Roots of Sandplay Therapy24 min
Quiz      50 Questions
5 hrs       Tuition   $59
Course Information

In this film, Dr. Turner reviews the evolution of Sandplay therapy from its beginnings in the early 1900’s in Europe. The discussion then turns to the importance in play in sandplay and how play is transformative in nature. Finally, she reviews what Dora Kalff called the “free and protected space,” the necessary conditions created by the presence of the therapist to facilitate the transformative process.

Video Course 7        The Sandplay Case of Aaron
65   min
Quiz      106  Questions
9 hrs
         Tuition  $89
Course Information

Using the knowledge gained from the prior films, Dr. Turner, here turns to the analysis of a completed Sandplay case, reviewing the remarkable work of a nine year-old  boy who accesses the depths of his potentials in the Sandplay.

Video Course 8
The Primary Elements of Jungian Personality
Theory in Sandplay
10  min
Quiz      25 Questions
3 hrs      Tuition    $39
Course Information

In this film, Dr. Turner gives an introduction to the primary elements of Jung’s personality theory, and how the psychic contents and dynamics Jung defined work in the transformation that occurs over the course of a complete Sandplay process.

Video Course 9       The Sandplay Case of Maizie
57 min
Quiz     100  Questions
9 hrs       Tuition  $89
Course Information

In this case presentation, Dr. Turner, reviews the work of a six year-old girl, who finds her authentic Self in her Sandplay work. The depth of Maizie’s work is inspirational for her in-born reverence for ritual and sacred rites.

Video Course 10        The Sandplay Case of Harold
40    min
Quiz      80 Questions
7 hrs       Tuition     $79
Course Information

In this case study, Dr. Turner, examines the work of a sixty year-old man, who suffered narcissistic personality traits, resulting from an early history of abandonment.

Video Course 11        Symbols in Sandplay Therapy
48   min
Quiz      72 Questions
7 hrs   Tuition    $79
Course Information

In this film, Dr. Turner discusses symbolism and the role of the symbol in the transformative process of Sandplay. She examines what symbols are and where they are found. The concepts are richly illustrated with examples from Sandplay process.

Video Course 12            The Role of the Therapist in the Symbolic Process
22   min
Quiz      25 Questions
Tuition     $39
Course Information

In this segment of the course, Dr. Turner discusses how the therapist impacts and effects the symbolic process in the client’s Sandplay, placing emphasis on the necessity for proper therapist preparation and presence.

Continuing Education & Training Hours

Barbara A. Turner, PhD is approved to offer continuing education hours and/or training hours by the Association for Play Therapy – APT Approved Provider No. 00-079 and maintains responsibility for the program, and by the Association for Sandplay Therapy. Please note that APT reserves the right to make the final decision on continuing education units.

Remember . . . Always check with your licensing and accrediting boards, as their requirements may change

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