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About Course 301
Jungian Theory in Sandplay  –  Part 1
Consciousness, the Unconscious, Ego & Self

This class is the first of our four-part Advanced Course series.

The personality theory of Carl Jung provides a language and schematic for understanding the healing and transformative changes undergone in Sandplay therapy. The well-trained Sandplay therapist must develop a working familiarity with Jungian theory in order to engage in a meaningful and knowledgeable conscious relationship with the subtler, non-rational image language of Sandplay. Jungian theory is used in Sandplay work, as it acknowledges the central archetype of the Self as the organizing center, source and goal of the human journey. The depths and presence of the Self are experienced throughout the Sandplay process.

Dora Kalff frequently said that the Self was the center of the human being and only by awakening to the Self could the individual build a healthy and sturdy personality with meaning.

To begin our work in Jungian theory, this course explores Jung’s concepts of the unconscious and conscious minds, the ego -Self relationship and their roles in Sandplay case material.

Please Note

The 300 series Courses are more advanced studies of the Sandplay process that involve intensive work applying theory to actual Sandplay case material. These courses build upon the prior work from the 100 and 200 series Courses, and are intended to develop the Learner’s understanding of Sandplay process in a planned, step-by-step process. Be sure to take your courses in order.

Each test is individually read and evaluated, and commented upon by our Facilitator, Barbara Turner, PhD. If Dr. Turner determines that test responses need more work, tests will be returned with suggestions for further reading, re-writing, and so on.

Our objective is to develop understanding of Jungian Sandplay therapy. Just completing the test does not insure the issuance of the Certificate of Completion. The Learner must successfully pass the test to be granted credit.

Learning Objectives
  1. Define the elements “consciousness and the unconscious” and the “ego-Self relationship” from the personality theory of Carl G. Jung.
  2. Examine the functions of these elements of Jungian theory in psychic healing and transformation.
  3. Explore Sandplay case material, using these elements of Jungian theory as a framework for mapping the psychological changes undergone by the client in Sandplay work.
  4. Provide the therapist with a tool for entering a more conscious relationship with the largely unconscious sandplay material.Learning Goals

After taking this class, the Learner will be able to…

  1. Articulate the structural elements and psychic dynamics of the unconscious, consciousness, and the ego-Self relationship from Carl G. Jung’s personality theory.
  2. Have a working understanding of these elements of personality in the changes undergone by the psyche in processes of healing and transformation.
  3. Work with Sandplay case material using these terms from Jungian theory as a framework for better comprehending the process.
  4. Recognize the value of and utilize Jungian theory as one means of working with Sandplay.

Reading     12 pages
Sandplay Case Vignettes   12  Sand Trays
Quiz Materials     69  Questions    …use as a study tool
Lesson Online    The Ego-Self Relationship   4 pages

CE  or Training Hours      10
Enrollment Fee    $89.00

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