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Video Course 6
The Roots of Sandplay Therapy

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 In this course Dr. Turner reviews the three primary influences supporting Dora Kalff’s development of Sandplay therapy: Lowenfeld’s World Technique, Jung’s personality theory, and Eastern philosophy.

Learning Goals:

  1. To develop knowledge about the origins and development of the play therapy modality of Sandplay
  2. To appreciate the significance of three roots of the play therapy modality of Jungian Sandplay in Lowenfeld’s world technique, Jungian psychology and eastern philosophy
  3. To recognize the differences between Margaret Lowenfeld’s world technique and Dora Kalff’s the play therapy modality of Sandplay.
  4. To appreciate how interpretation of the client’s work interferes with the psychological process in the play therapy modality of Sandplay
  5. To absorb the necessity for silence in the client’s healing and development in the play therapy modality of Sandplay
  6. To recognize how Dora Kalff’s understanding of Eastern philosophy was in synch with Carl Jung’s concept of the central archetype of the Self

By taking this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Understand the history and development of Jungian Sandplay
  2. Name the three primary influences in Dora Kalff’s Sandplay method
  3. Explain the differences between the Lowenfeld World Technique and Dora Kalff’s Sandplay
  4. Realize how premature interpretation of a client’s work in the sand tray can interfere with the psyche’s healing and development

Film                        24 min
Quiz          50 Questions
Tuition Fee                 $59
Training Hours              5
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