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Video Course 8
The Primary Elements of Jungian Personality Theory

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In this course Dr. Turner reviews the primary elements of Jungian personality theory and why it is important for understanding Sandplay process.  Dr. Turner explores how each term is defined in relationship to other terms, as what Jung was attempting to do was to create a theoretical map to help to understand pre-rational concepts. Dr. Turner explains how using Jungian theory in Sandplay supports the understanding and the containment of the process.

Learning Goals:

  1. To recognize the Jungian terms for the elements of the psyche
  2. To develop a beginning grasp of how these psychic elements work together in a dynamic capacity
  3. To understand the relationship of the ego to the Self
  4. To apprehend the difference between consciousness and the unconscious
  5. To recognize the significance of the unconscious in human life

By taking this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Name the primary elements of the psyche and their functions
  2. Explain the primary interactive dynamics of these psychic elements in human psychological functioning
  3. Articulate the difference between the ego and the Self and explain the relationship of the ego to the Self
  4. Describe consciousness and unconsciousness in human psychological functioning
  5. Explain the significance of unconscious functioning in human functioning

Film                          10 min
Quiz           25 Questions
Course Fee                  $39
Training Hours               3
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