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 Introduction to Sandplay Therapy: Overview of Process and Procedures – Part 2
About this course

This course explores the development of miniature worlds for therapeutic purposes, beginning with Margaret Lowenfeld’s World Technique and Dora Kalff’s revision of this method in Jungian Sandplay therapy.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Explore the history and evolution of Sandplay therapy through Lowenfeld and Kalff.
  2. Examine the distinction between therapeutic and diagnostic uses of the sand tray. Introduce the historic role of Sandplay in the field of play therapy.
  3. Understand Lowenfeld’s recognition of the importance of non-verbal work with children and her adaptation of Wells Floor Games to treatment.
  4. Explore the three roots of Sandplay therapy in Jungian psychology, Lowenfeld’s World Technique and Eastern philosophy.

Learning Goals
After taking this class the student will (be able to)

  1. Have a sound understanding of the roots and historical development of Sandplay therapy.
  2. Understand the reasoning Margaret Lowenfeld used in adapting H.G. Wells miniature world games to fit the needs of children in her clinical setting.
  3. Understand the differences between various diagnostic and treatment uses of sand trays and miniature worlds.
  4. Articulate the fundamental differences between Lowenfeld’s World Technique and Dora Kalff’s Jungian Sandplay.
  5. Have a basic grasp of how play is necessary for creativity for both adults and children.

CE Hours: 8
Reading: 60 pages
H.G. Wells’ Floor Games: A Father’s Account of Play and Its Legacy of Healing
Editor: Barbara A. Turner, PhD  —  Pages 91 – 117

The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy
Author: Barbara A. Turner, PhD
Appendix B                            Pages 691 – 695

Images of the Self: The Sandplay Therapy Process
Author: Estelle L. Weinrib
Introductory Material   pages xi – xix
Chapters 1 & 2            pages 1 – 9

Sandplay: A Psychotherapeutic Approach to the Psyche
Author: Dora M. Kalff
Foreword: Martin Kalff                 pages v – xvi

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