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About Jungian Sandplay Therapy

Complimentary Demonstration Mini Course
To Introduce you to our Sandplay Online Learning Center

This is a 1 hour course, designed to introduce the Participants to Jungian Sandplay Therapy, as well as the format of the Learning Center Courses.

The reading material for this course is included in the on line lesson. In the actual courses, most readings are from books.  We include images in the Demonstration Class to give examples of how pictures are used for the study of sandplay case material in the Intermediate and Advanced Courses (Levels 300 +).

Please note that the Sandplay images used in the Foundation and Introductory Courses (Levels 100 – 200) are from the reading materials.

Learning Objectives

  1. To develop a basic understanding of how the dimension of play operates in Jungian Sandplay therapy.
  2. To acquire a basic understanding of the Jungian sandplay therapy method of working in the sand.
  3. To develop a fundamental understanding of how the Jungian Sandplay method creates the conditions for psychic healing and transformation through the free and protected space.
  4. To understand how the role of the therapist is critical to the Sandplay therapy process.
  5. To acquire an introductory understanding of how the psyche moves simultaneously with the movement and changes in the symbolic content of the sandplay.
  6. To understand why no interpretation of the Sandplay is made to the client in the Jungian sandplay method.

Learning Goals

– After taking this course the Participant will be able to…

  1. Articulate in a simple way that the play dimension operates in Jungian Sandplay therapy.
  2. Describe the procedures of the Jungian Sandplay therapy method.
  3. Summarize a fundamental account of how the free and protected space works in Jungian Sandplay.
  4. Articulate a basic understanding of the importance of the role of the therapist in the Sandplay process.
  5. Describe the simultaneous movement of the psyche with the symbolic content of the Sandplay.
  6. Briefly describe why Jungian Sandplay is not interpreted to the client.

Reading:  7 pages
Test:  15 questions
CE Hours:       1
Tuition:   Complimentary

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