Video Course 1-3 Introduction to Sandplay


Introduction to Sandplay Therapy with Dr. Barbara Turner

In this video Dr. Turner introduces the sandplay film courses and provides some guidance on how to best approach the study of sandplay.

The discussion then turns to  what sandplay therapy actually is and what this method does in the clinical setting. The discussion continues to a review of the differences between the non-verbal, image-based nature of sandplay and traditional verbal therapies.

 Dr. Turner further reviews the significance of the various elements involved in sandplay work. This includes the size of the tray and the meaningful presence of the sand and water in the process. The contents of the sandplay collection are also reviewed.

Course Video                20 min
Quiz                      51 Questions
Tuition                      $59

Training Hours                          5



Introduction to Sandplay Therapy with Dr. Barbara Turner

Course Video                 20 min
Quiz                      51 Questions
Tuition              $59
Training hours      5

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